Best Things to Buy in May 2022 — and 5 Things to Skip

Written by James Moore | May 2, 2022

May is jam-packed with holidays, so be prepared for door-busting discounts on mattresses during Memorial Day, great jewelry deals for Mother’s Day, and other incredible holiday deals and promotions throughout the month! Thankfully, these celebrations are spread out pretty evenly, which means you don’t have to wait until the end of the month for huge sales. Before you dive into the fray, here are all the items you should buy in May — and a few you should definitely skip.

The Best Things to Buy in May



Spring is the season for cleaning out the old and starting something new, which also makes it a great time to find discounts on furniture. From couches and armchairs to bed frames and dressers, retailers like Home Depot, Macy’s, and Walmart usually either mark down prices on their furniture or offer coupon codes at checkout. Memorial Day is on May 30 this year, so keep that three-day weekend open for all your furniture shopping needs! Some sales begin a week earlier, so keep an eye out for official announcements from your favorite retailers.



May is right between spring and summer, and as the seasons change, so will your home appliances. Be on the lookout for discounts on kitchen appliances, like coffee machines, blenders, toasters, and more. Head over to Best Buy, Macy’s, Home Depot, or Lowe’s and look for exclusive price markdowns.

Spring Apparel

Spring Apparel

A good rule of thumb when shopping for clothes is to buy them out of season for maximum savings. As retailers clear out their inventory to prepare for summer fashion, markdowns on spring apparel will entice shoppers to clear out available inventory. Check out retailers’ clearance and sales pages on their websites and sign up for their e-newsletters to stay in the know for upcoming promotions and exclusive offers. Old Navy, PUMA, and Kohl’s are just some of the retailers to keep an eye on.



If you missed out on Presidents Day mattress sales, now’s your chance to swap out your old mattress with a new one this Memorial Day! Macy’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and JCPenny are known to mark down prices on their mattresses during sales throughout the year, including Memorial Day. Take advantage of the long weekend to decide whether or not to invest in a new mattress. Shoppers might even be able to find discounted mattresses a week in advance, as retailers like to start their promotions early. If you miss out on the Memorial Day mattress sales, your next big opportunity is Labor Day in September!

Star Wars Merchandise

Star Wars Merchandise

May 4, or “May the Fourth Be With You," is a special day reserved for Star Wars fans of all ages. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you’ll be happy to know that Star Wars merchandise tends to go on sale for the commemorative day. From apparel to collectibles, celebrate your favorite characters like the legendary Luke Skywalker or the beloved Grogu by shopping at Walmart, Kohl’s, JCPenny, and Best Buy. Expect to see price cuts on anything related to Star Wars — and who knows, some retailers may offer discounts all month long!

5 Things to Skip in May

1. Swimwear

Swimwear season doesn’t kick off until June, so it’s best to wait it out a little longer for those swim trunks or bikinis. If you can, you’re probably better off waiting until the end of summer when retailers are clearing out their inventory and preparing for the fall season. Hang on till August for the best deal on swimwear.

2. Electronics

The ideal time to buy electronics like laptops, desktops, and tablets is during back-to-school sales in July and August. Some states offer tax-free shopping days over the summer, but most shoppers would be better suited waiting a few months.

3. Summer Apparel

Similar to shopping for spring apparel at the start of the season, avoid shopping for summer apparel during May and the following summer months. Retailers prioritize clearing the racks toward the end of summer to make way for fall apparel, so that’s when you’ll find the best deals. You might snag some deals on summer apparel during Memorial Day weekend, but most retailers offer better discounts in August.

4. Grills

Barbecue season starts with Memorial Day and lasts until the last backyard pitmaster hangs up their tongs after Labor Day weekend. Because of the high demand, retailers won’t usually be marking down the prices for grills and similar outdoor appliances. It’s best to wait until after Labor Day weekend for discounts once grills, and the demand for them, have cooled down.

5. Outdoor Furniture

As another summertime favorite, outdoor furniture will be in huge demand as shoppers scramble to prepare for the lazy lounge sessions outdoors. Anything that goes on your patio, from lounge chairs to porch swings, will most likely not go on sale until the fall season. Once the time comes, expect to get up to half off on patio furniture.

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