How To Save 50% Off’s Tax Preparation Services

Written by Amy Boyington | April 14, 2023

Thanks for reading! This article is sponsored by E-file. All services featured were hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and any items listed below were in-stock with accurate pricing at the time of publication.

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Read on to learn why and how is among the best tax filing softwares to help maximize your refund in 2023.

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Why Choose is one of the most affordable tax filing services on the web. Plus, this service lets any taxpayer start the filing process for free, which is perfect for those with uncomplicated taxes. Once you organize and submit the necessary tax documents, the software determines what you need for your particular tax situation. From there, it will either direct you to the free, basic version, or to one of the paid premium versions.

Either way, you'll get an accurate tax return with the help of easy-to-use software that's more affordable than other tax solutions. Paid services start at just $28 for taxpayers with mortgage interest, dependents, and other tax situations that need more than basic forms. Plus, you'll get a free tax amendment and re-file, if necessary, as well as any additional schedules and forms you need for a complete return.

Best of all, automatically chooses the lowest-cost option for you, so you don't need to worry about overpaying. Take advantage of the following features when you file your taxes with


Top Services and Features

1. State Tax Return Filing

Get your federal and state taxes filed in one swoop with’s state tax return filing service. This is optional with any plan, but selecting it allows them to transfer all your data from your federal return to your state return.

This service is $22.49 for unlimited state returns. So, if you have to file in several states, you can have do the job at an affordable cost.

2. Deluxe and Premium Plus Filing

Taxpayers who don't qualify for free tax filing can still use’s tax services through its affordable paid plans, Deluxe Plus and Premium Plus.

Deluxe Plus is for taxpayers with dependents, income up to $100,000, and specific financial situations, such as investments or retirement income.

Opt for Premium Plus if you itemize deductions, need to file schedules, and prefer to have IRS audit assistance.

3. Privacy and Security

Leery about sending your personal information to to file your taxes? The service takes the proper precautions to protect your data through Starfield Technologies®-enabled 256 bit SSL encryption. Its website also has Trust Guard verification, which notes that it offers all required disclosures, terms, and privacy policies to its users.

As an additional trust measure, the IRS authorizes as an official federal tax return provider.

4. Auditing Assistance

Anyone who filed a tax return using's services can opt into audit assistance for free if they get a notice from the IRS about an audit. Simply contact and send a copy of the audit letter to start the process.

A paid auditing service — Protection Plus Audit Assistance — provides extra help for three years, including evaluating any mail you receive from the IRS and assistance with communicating with the IRS during an audit.

5. Accuracy Guarantee

Trusting a service to file your taxes correctly can be challenging. However, offers a 100% calculation accuracy guarantee that could make you feel a little better about handing over the reins. The IRS checks’s tax calculations annually, which should offer reassurance  that your tax return will be complete and precise according to the IRS's most recent standards.

6. Premium Customer Support

Anyone can fill out’s online contact form for answers to general, non-tax-specific questions. If you need a little more guidance with using their service as a paid member, you can contact via online or through phone support.

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