7 Must-Have Kitchen & Dining Deals at Home Depot in December

Written by James Moore | December 4, 2021

Thanks for reading! This article is sponsored by The Home Depot. All products featured were hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and any items listed below were in-stock with accurate pricing at the time of publication.

Looking to upgrade your kitchen or dining area? Both spaces are home to delectable homemade meals and shared among loved ones, so you’ll want to take advantage of Home Depot’s Kitchen & Dining sale. Score 35% off select items like high-tech refrigerators, premium cookware, luxury dining sets, and more. Plus, Black Friday deals at Home Depot lasts the entire month!

To top the savings off, Home Depot also offers Special Buy of the Day deals that are only available on Dec. 4. Check their site daily for great markdowns at Home Depot all throughout December.

KitchenAid Artisan 5 Qt. Stand Mixer

1. KitchenAid Artisan 5 Qt. Stand Mixer

Price: $429.99 $349.99

Black Friday has always been the best time of year to buy a new stand mixer, and Home Depot isn’t about to disappoint us during the last month of the year. Take $70 off an Artisan 5 Qt. stand mixer and never worry about using your mixing bowl as a home gym activity ever again (seriously, our forearms burn just thinking about our pre-KitchenAid days).

This stand mixer comes in a huge variety of beautiful colors, and a 5 Qt. model is great for most home bakers. Those looking for a workhorse for big-batch baking or trying to conquer the world with a private army of gingerbread men should opt for the 6 Qt. model with a bowl lift.

Keurig K Mini Basic Single-Serve Coffee Maker

2. Keurig K Mini Basic Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Price: $79.99 $59.99

Ever want to grab a cup of coffee without a hulking behemoth devouring your counter space? Want to make just enough coffee for yourself instead of brewing enough to caffeinate an elephant? Grab a Keurig Single-Serve at Home Depot — it’s small enough for even the most space-conscious caffeinator and far faster than a drive out to your local coffee shop. Keep in mind that this is a single-serving machine, so if you want more than 12 ounces at a time, you’ll need a bigger machine.

Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Fridge

3. Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Fridge

Price: $40.61 $32.99

There’s something about secret stash sodas that just taste a little more special. Start your stash with the Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Fridge. It’s perfectly sized for a dorm room, personal work spaces, or secret compartments behind a false wall in the office (we’ve all got one of those, right?). At 0.3 cubic feet of space, this fridge won’t be anywhere close to enough space for those Thanksgiving leftovers, but it’s perfect for squirreling away a few cream sodas or Limoncello La Croixs away from the thirsty masses.

ANOVA WiFi-Enabled Sous Vide Precision Cooker

4. ANOVA WiFi-Enabled Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Price: $199 $139

Introduce your loved ones to the wonders of sous vide cooking with $60 off the ANOVA Precision Sous Vide machine. We’ve found this one incredibly convenient for all kinds of set-and-forget options: soft-boiled eggs, perfect steak, and tough cuts of meat come out tender every time, thanks to the precise temperature control sous vide machines offer. Even better, ANOVA’s got an app you can use to set temperatures, set alarms, and even find a recipe in a pinch. Sounds like a nice excuse for an early Christmas present!

HOMESTYLES Distressed Oak Pantry

5. HOMESTYLES Distressed Oak Pantry

Price: $619.52 $485.05

The only “stress" that we like is this Distressed Oak Pantry, a perfect addition to traditional style kitchens or dining rooms that have wooden cabinets, counters, tables, and chairs. The raised panel doors and adjustable shelves allow for easy and convenient access as well as optimal organization. Say goodbye to cramped kitchen closets and say hello to a pantry that stores away your favorite snacks (and hides it from hungry thieves). The pantry is currently 22% off, so don’t miss your chance to add to your kitchen or dining room.

StyleWell Benfield Sable Brown Wood Upholstered Dining Chair with Stone Gray Seat (Set of 2)

6. StyleWell Benfield Sable Brown Wood Upholstered Dining Chair with Stone Gray Seat (Set of 2)

Price: $259 $181.30

Modernists won’t want to look away from these contemporary dining chairs for their urban home or apartment. Not only is this set currently 30% off, it’s also only available at Home Depot. With a full back and stone gray upholstery, you can eat or relax comfortably at the dining table. Nobody should eat alone, which is why this set comes with two chairs. You’ll have to assemble the chairs first, so while your stomachs might be growling, you can’t eat at the dining table until you put it all together!

StyleWell Glenville Cream White/Natural Double Kitchen Cart

7. StyleWell Glenville Cream White/Natural Double Kitchen Cart

Price: $199

If your kitchen cabinets are full and you need more space for your tableware and wine glasses, a kitchen cart is the best (and stylish) fix. With two drawers, a towel bar, storage hooks, and open shelves, this kitchen cart by StyleWell works as an alternative place to prep your meals and as a storage unit. The white wood with a satin finish allows the cart to blend in with farmhouse or contemporary styled homes. Plus, you can move the cart around, but don’t push it like a grocery shopping cart if you have fragile items on or in it!

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