18 Sustainable Brands to Shop This Earth Month and Beyond

Written by Jacqueline Quach | April 21, 2023

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Shopping for sustainable brands during Earth Month is a great way to show your support for environmental protection and reduce your carbon footprint. By opting for eco-friendly products, you can create a more sustainable future for our planet. Sustainable brands typically use environmentally friendly materials and production processes, and they often prioritize ethical and fair labor practices as well.

Not sure where to start on your sustainability journey? We’ve handpicked a list of sustainable brands to support during Earth Month — and beyond.

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Celebrate Earth Month With These Eco-Friendly Brands

Hunter Boots

1. Hunter Boots 

Eco-friendly material: Rain boots made of sustainably sourced rubber

Hunter Boots is famous for its signature rain boots, but it’s also making notable strides toward sustainability. Its mission is to protect and care for the environment and global community, and it has become more committed to sustainability in recent years.

The brand uses FSC-certified rubber in its products, so you can purchase them guilt-free. Its latest sustainability initiatives include switching to recyclable packaging, starting a recycling program for its rubber boots, and planting at least a thousand trees each year. High-quality boots that are long-lasting and sustainable? We’re all for it.

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2. Patagonia

Eco-friendly material: Fleece sweaters made of recycled polyester

Patagonia continues to pave the way for Earth-friendly companies through both its products and initiatives. Most items the company sells are made of recycled material, and founder Yvon Chouinard recently donated the company to a nonprofit dedicated to overcoming climate change.

From a program for buying and selling used gear to using fair-trade labor, you’ll find sustainability and ethics woven into the fabric of the company. Its popular fleece sweaters are warm, long-lasting, and timeless, and many of them are made from fully recycled material. You can also buy pre-owned sweaters if you want to take sustainability a step further.

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3. Boden

Eco-friendly material: Tees made of organic cotton

A sustainable clothing brand from the U.K., Boden offers apparel for women, men, and kids made with fair-trade production and sustainable materials. Its clothes ship in eco-friendly packaging for minimal impact, making the shopping experience better for the Earth. All the brand’s pieces feature high-quality products, but its tees are a standout. They’re made of 100% organic cotton and fashioned to fit like a glove, and they give a whole new meaning to elevated basics.

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The Body Shop

4. The Body Shop

Eco-friendly material: Body moisturizers made from fair-trade shea and cocoa butter

The Body Shop started more than 40 years ago with a different approach to beauty: offering products using ethical and naturally based ingredients from around the world. Today, it continues to promote ethics and sustainability. The company uses fair-trade ingredients to help the communities that produce its products, offers a refill program to curb plastic waste, and has converted almost all plastic packaging to 100% recycled material. Plus, its formulations are completely vegetarian and cruelty-free.

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5. Kotn

Eco-friendly material: Casual clothing made of organic cotton

Kotn began with the goal to make the perfect T-shirt. Since it began, it has received the fourth-highest B Impact Score of apparel brands in North America as a B Corporation. Its sustainability practices include using certified organic cotton and fair labor practices, and working directly with cotton farmers. Kotn cultivates close relationships with the communities in Egypt that supply its cotton, giving back to fund schools and support farmers. The brand’s gender-neutral styles are perfect staples for your closet — and they’re made with integrity.

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6. JanSport 

Eco-friendly material: Backpacks made of recycled water bottles

Known for its classic backpacks, JanSport is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact. Most of the brand’s styles now have 100% recycled main body fabric, and all orders are delivered in FSC-certified packaging. The company has also included energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in its supply chain. Its stylish backpacks are particularly worth considering since JanSport cuts waste by repairing backpacks through its warranty program.

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Avocado Mattress

7. Avocado Mattress

Eco-friendly material: Mattresses made of organic and sustainable materials

As far as mattress companies go, Avocado Mattress goes above and beyond: Its mission is to be one of the world’s most sustainable brands. The company takes environmental responsibility seriously, owning its own factories and organic farms and releasing a yearly impact report. Avocado Mattress offers a range of nontoxic and sustainable mattresses at different price points, so you can sleep well at night knowing your mattress is better for the earth.

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Mate the Label

8. Mate the Label

Eco-friendly material: Elevated basics made of organic cotton

Mate the Label offers organic basics, from sweatshirts and tees to leggings and shirts. Women-owned and based in Los Angeles, the brand has forged partnerships in its own city to support garment workers and cut down on carbon emissions. Its clothing is made of organic yarns and dyes and crafted using safe and fair labor. Mate makes sure everything is as local as possible — most of its goods are made no more than 15 miles from its headquarters. Mate’s cute and comfy basics are made to last, and when it’s time to move on you can give your clothes back to Mate for upcycling.

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Girlfriend Collective

9. Girlfriend Collective

Eco-friendly material: Workout wear made of water bottles

Girlfriend Collective is known for its stylish, size-inclusive activewear made of recycled plastic from water bottles, fishing nets, and fabric scraps. The brand’s manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam have SA8000 certifications, which verifies that workers have safe and fair conditions. All of its products ship in recycled and recyclable packaging, and you’ll get a clear breakdown of how much recycled product is in each of its products (most are made of at least 70% recycled materials). You can also recycle your old bras and leggings with the ReGirlfriend program, which gives you store credit for sending back your old Girlfriend Collective activewear.

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10. Viori

Eco-friendly material: Shampoos and conditioners made of Longsheng rice

Viori shampoo and conditioner bars contain a beauty secret from the Red Yao tribe in Longsheng, China: specially fermented rice water. The women from this tribe are known for their long, dark, healthy locks — a vital part of their culture.

Viori has a commitment to responsibility and the Earth that is woven into its business practices. Its products are made of ethically sourced materials and packed in recycled paper. It also cultivates a supportive relationship with the Red Yao tribe to help them thrive. Viori does that by helping the tribe preserve its culture, paying a fair premium for the rice it buys from the tribe, and giving at least 5% of its profits back to Red Yao communities.

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Frank and Oak

11. Frank and Oak 

Eco-friendly material: Bomber jackets made from recycled bottles

Frank and Oak started with a mission to create a clothing brand that would speak to a new generation of creatives and entrepreneurs. The company is now using completely recycled polyester in its products and offering a denim collection featuring all recyclable products, and it’s on track to have 100% carbon-neutral shipping by the end of 2023. All of Frank and Oak’s products are made sustainably and with Earth-friendly materials, so every purchase leaves a smaller footprint on the Earth. The brand’s bestselling bombers deserve a mention: They’re made of fully recycled polyester, feature vegan insulation, and slide elegantly under coats.

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Wildling Beauty

12. Wildling Beauty 

Eco-friendly material: Skin-care products made from foraged wild plants

Count on Wildling for sustainable beauty that emphasizes clean products and local production processes. The company’s products are crafted from plants from small-batch, organic, family-owned farms and fair-trade communities around the world. Wildling also sometimes uses ingredients from wild plants foraged by farmers; the practice of wild harvesting conserves water and nurtures nearby forests. Wildling’s sustainable practices also include using compostable shipping materials and recyclable glass packaging. Wildling is known for its luxurious facial tools, but its line of skin-care products definitely deserves a spotlight.

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Made Trade 

13. Made Trade 

Eco-friendly material: Fair-trade rugs from artisans

Made Trade is an ethical and sustainable marketplace for home goods, bedding, and clothing. The company doesn’t make its own products, but it thoroughly vets all brands, businesses, and makers before deciding to partner with them. At Made Trade, you’ll find high-quality rugs that are either handcrafted, fair trade, BIPOC-owned, upcycled, or vegan — or all of the above. With a wide range of premium styles and transparent details on each product, Made Trade ensures that rugs are made with care for its makers and the planet.

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14. Nike

Eco-friendly material: Running shoes made of recycled materials

Nike is well known for its high-quality activewear, but its commitments to sustainability are worth examining too. The company is making its products Earth-friendly by reducing greenhouse emissions and using recycled plastics, yarns, and textiles. Its footwear already has a good reputation, but it’s getting another upgrade as Nike makes the transition to more eco-friendly materials. Look out for shoes carrying the “sustainable materials" label, which feature at least 20% recycled materials by weight.

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15. Fable

Eco-friendly material: Nontoxic dinnerware made from recycled ceramics

Fable offers elegant dinnerware made using practices that put the Earth first. It makes products that last, from choosing timeless designs to ensuring a quality that holds up over time. Fable partners with makers in Portugal to bring sustainable ceramics to life, choosing ones that focus on reducing waste. Its bowls, plates, and cups look perfect, whether you’re sitting down for a meal on your own or hosting a dinner party.

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16. HelloFresh 

Eco-friendly material: Recipe ingredients with a smaller carbon footprint

HelloFresh provides at-home cooks with perfectly portioned ingredients and recipes, reducing the amount of food waste that happens in the kitchen. HelloFresh is also carbon-neutral, offsetting its environmental impact by using renewable energy for its facilities. The meal-kit service chooses responsible ingredient suppliers to lower its carbon footprint, including providers such as the Better Fish, which provides fair trade–certified ocean-farmed fish.

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17. Worx

Eco-friendly material: Hardware tools made with low-carbon practices

Worx offers effective lawn and garden tools that help homeowners keep their homes looking their best, whether it’s a small project or a big job. Worx uses environmentally responsible manufacturing practices for its tools, taking steps to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Worx offers customers more eco-friendly options, including battery-powered and electric tools that are just as effective as gas-powered products.

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18. GreenPan

Eco-friendly material: Ceramic pans made with solar power

GreenPan is known for its range of nontoxic, ceramic-coated pans. Its rise to popularity happened because of its pans, and the company ensures the pans are Earth-friendly. The company’s manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste, and it even uses solar power to supply some of the electricity at its facilities. All of its aluminum pans are also made with recycled aluminum. Once your pan has reached the end of its lifespan, GreenPan will even recycle it for you.

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