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Balance Saving and Spending

The Edmunds auto affordability calculator helps you determine what sort of car you can reasonably afford on your salary. Just input a couple of numbers, including your desired monthly payment and your car financing terms, and Edmunds will give you a pricing range you should stick to.

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Edmunds Info & Tips

Does Edmunds charge for its services?

There's no charge for any of the services you’ll find on the Edmunds website. Rather, Edmunds makes money through advertisers that it believes will be able to provide visitors with helpful information. It also gets a small commission when people request price quotes, insurance information, and other car-related information through the website. You’ll never have to pay to use Edmunds, but Savings.com will still be able to help you get a great deal while using the Edmunds website. It’s a good idea to check Savings.com before requesting quotes through Edmunds, as you may be able to get an even better deal.

Can Edmunds help me lease a car?

Edmunds works through dealers in your area to help you get great leasing terms, without ever having to go to see a car in person if you wish. With the tools you’ll find on the Edmunds website, you can determine the top amount you’re willing to pay and then look at cars that fit your profile. You can then begin the process of leasing a car, including applying for financing and arranging delivery. It’s easy to do and takes very little time out of your day.

What is the True Cost to Own pricing system?

The Edmunds True Cost to Own system helps you determine what it will actually cost you every month to own your car. The leasing price is only a small part of your actual cost every month, but the True Cost to Own system takes into account important information such as taxes and fees, insurance premiums, maintenance, and the cost of fuel. By using the Edmunds True to Cost tool, it’s easier to tell what you can actually afford, rather than buying a car that'll stretch your budget too far every month.

How can I make sure I’m using Edmunds to its fullest extent?

  • Car companies often run specials that can help you get a great deal on your purchase or lease. This may include cash discounts, low financing rates, or rebates that must be sent in after making your purchase. Edmunds keeps a running list of the specials currently being offered on the market. You can browse these specials by car brand or by car type, making it easier to decide what style of car you’ll be buying and from what dealer.

  • Buying a low-cost car may be for nothing if you don’t actually end up with a car that you can trust. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into car reviews before you make your purchase. Edmunds has an entire section on its website dedicated to car reviews made by experts in the field. You can browse by category, such as “Best Electric Vehicles" or “Best Heavy-Duty Trucks," or get the individual review for a car you have your eye on.

  • If you’ve decided to buy a car using info from Edmunds, you’ll go through a third-party dealer. Savings.com can provide you with coupons that you can use with those dealers to save some money. In addition, Savings.com is an excellent resource that can help you find great promotions and deals that Edmunds is running in conjunction with its business partners. It’s a great way to get the best price on your next car after using the money-saving information from Edmunds.

Does Edmunds offer any sort of warranty or extra additions?

You can often get extra roadside assistance and warranty coverage when you buy a car through the retailers that Edmunds partners with. This coverage isn't provided by Edmunds itself; rather, it partners with CARCHEX, a separate company that can help you if you have any issues. If you do need to make a claim or get additional assistance, you'll have to go through CARCHEX rather than directly contacting Edmunds. When you sign up for the additional coverage, you should get some extra information about your program, and you should refer to that information if you do end up requiring it.

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