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Best Things to Buy in March 2022 — and 5 Things to Skip

Written by Rebecca Carlyle | March 1, 2021

March is an odd month of the year; the new year feeling starts to fade and we all settle into our routines once again. We want to get ready for summer but it’s still raining (or even snowing!) outside. We don’t usually associate March with a time to look for sales, but with the month sandwiched between New Years’ sales and Memorial Day sales, shops will try to entice shoppers.

You may be thinking, “What would I want to buy in March?" With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner, sports fans planning their virtual March Madness events and feminists celebrating International Women’s Day, there is plenty to shop for!

Don’t know where to look? Here’s your guide on what to buy—and skip—in March.

The Best Things to Buy in March

Winter Clothing Hanging on Rack

Winter Wear

The start of spring and the end of winter call for all winter wear items to go on sale. This can be anything from puffer coats to gloves and scarves. Even though we have a long way to go to fall, it’s best to take advantage of these clearance sales so you’re prepared ahead of time. You’ll avoid paying full price. Plus, match your new finds with your current winter wear before storing them away. For gloves, scarves and peacoats, we recommend checking out Belk. For your winter activewear needs, make sure to check out Champion and Athleta.



March Madness is upon us, which means you need a screen that is large enough and has the best quality for your optimal viewing experience. Need to justify buying a new TV? Not only is a new TV a must for weekend games, but you also want a good screen for your workday in the age of Zoom meetings!

Are you tired of seeing four small faces on a small laptop screen? Imagine casting that onto a TV and seeing your coworkers’ expressions better! For a smart TV, an 8K Ultra HD TV or a 75-inch TV, check out the sales at Best Buy.

Rolling Suitcase


Summer travel is still up in the air this year, given the current state of affairs. But, if things improve, most shops will have fantastic sales on suitcases and luggage sets in March for those with wanderlust.

Don’t scramble for a new suitcase at the last minute—be prepared to hit the road and shop at Macy's for that stylish, yet practical luggage set.

Outdoor Grill


Summer isn’t the only season reserved for a backyard BBQ—spring is a great time too! Nothing beats a juicy burger with corn on the cob when you grill them on your patio. Is your grill on its last legs, or maybe rusty with disuse? The Home Depot and Lowe’s have everything you need. Be a grill master with the latest accessories such as a Bluetooth meat thermometer. As an added plus, both stores offer free shipping—a lifesaver when it comes to big-ticket items.

Woman Holding Federal Tax Refund Sign

Tax Software

No one likes tax season—we can all agree on that. Bad news: we can’t avoid it. Whether you prefer to get it done as soon as possible or wait until the last minute to file, make sure to use services like TurboTax or eFile for a headache-free time.

Both services offer discounts to make sure you are getting the most back in your refund. If you’re not sure what you need or how to file if it’s your first time, both services will guide you through the process. If you have questions, you have access to professional accountants!

Lebron James Lakers Jersey

Sports Fan Gear

With the start of March Madness on Stephen Curry’s birthday, March 14, you’ll want to stock up on all your sports fan gear. Support for a favorite team has never meant so much. With the NBA not able to have live audiences, virtual support is needed now more than ever. Make sure you have a jersey and a cap before logging onto that Zoom call or posting to social media. Sports fan gear can be found at Macy’s or Kohl's.

Woman in a Green Dress

Chocolate Cream, Green and Everything In-Between

The most famous holiday in March is Saint Patrick’s Day, but it’s not the only day worth celebrating. Who doesn’t love a good slice of pie on Pi Day? Pretty much every store will have all your green needs for the Irish holiday, but we suggest shopping at SHEIN for stylish pieces at fantastic everyday prices. Not only will you find shamrock shirts, but also something for every celebration of the month.

5 Things to Skip in March

1. Summer Gear

It’s not quite the season of endless sunshine and beaches, (trust us, we’re counting down the days), but that doesn’t mean you should buy swimsuits or tank tops right now. Most stores will still try to sell out of their winter supplies and make room for their incoming swimwear selections. We suggest waiting until May; the pre-summer sale is when you will get the most bang for your buck.

2. Small Kitchen Appliances

After the holidays have subsided and we’ve sorted out our closets, cupboards and drawers, we take stock of what is still needed. There’s no shame in thinking about what you didn’t receive that was on your Christmas list! Make sure to wait for the Memorial Day sales in May to purchase those small kitchen appliances. March is not the ideal time to purchase that air fryer—it’ll be full price.

3. iPhones

We all know Apple releases new iPhone models every year in September. Even though the latest iPhone has been out for a while now, it will still be full-priced in March. If you are thinking of switching from Android to iPhone, wait until the new model has been released, rumored to be in late September this year. The iPhone 12 will be heavily discounted once the iPhone 13 is on the market.

4. Furniture

Similar to small kitchen appliances, big furniture goes on big blowout sales in May for Memorial Day. We highly recommend waiting until then to save a little extra. Both Macy’s and Kohls offer high-quality furniture and white glove delivery services for your convenience. For big-ticket items like a new couch, they even offer financing options. Watch out for the sale at Macy’s as deals go up to 60% off.

5. Vacuums and Cleaning Supplies

The end of March means it’s time for spring cleaning. We suggest waiting until next month before shopping for a new vacuum cleaner or other cleaning supplies that you might need for your big spring cleaning purge. April will offer the best sales for cleaning products, and Best Buy will feature some of the best brands to choose from—not to mention if you want to upgrade your upright vacuum to a robotic vacuum.

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