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Student Program: Extra 25% Off Local Deals

Click through and get an extra 25% discount on local deals for 6 months then an extra 15% discount on local deals as long as you are a student.

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Over 20% Off Local Deals

Click through and get over 20% discount on local deals.

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Over 50% Off Deals of the Day

Click through and get over 50% discount on deals of the day.

Did you know Groupon can help customize the deals you like?

You can enter your address to automatically receive emails with deals in your area. You can enter multiple locations to get deals near your work, or other cities you often travel to. You can also indicate your interests and preferences to receive emails curated to your tastes.

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Up to 80% Off Tech, Home, Apparel and More

Click through and get up to 80% discount on tech, home, apparel and more.

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Get $10 Store Brand Bucks When You Refer a Friend

Click through and get $10 store brand bucks when you refer a friend.

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $34.99

Click through and get free shipping on orders over $34.99.

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Membership Offers: Up to an Extra 25% Off Select Items

Click through and get up to an extra 25% discount on select items for membership offers.

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Over 30% Off Beauty and Spas

Click through and get over 30% discount on beauty and spas.

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64% Off Select Organics Premium Collagen Hair Skin and Nail Gummies

$51.00 $17.99

Click through and get 63% discount on select organics premium collagen hair skin and nail gummies.

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Over 20% Off Indoor Activities and Events

Click through and get over 20% discount on indoor activities and events.

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Over 20% Off Food and Drinks

Click through and get over 20% discount food and drinks.

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Over 20% Off Clearance Items

Click through and get over 20% discount on clearance items.

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Over 20% Off Live Shows, Concerts and Theater

Click through and get over 20% discount on live shows, concerts and theater.

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Over 40% Off Fitness, Health, Classes and More

Click through and get over 40% discount on fitness, health, classes and more.

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Over 30% Off Last Minute Family Trips

Click through and get over 30% discount on last-minute family trips.

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Shop Rooms Under $100/Night

Click through and shop rooms under $100/night.

Groupon Info & Tips

Where can I find Groupon coupons?

Groupon posts discounts on their website, so finding coupons for Groupon are rare – but if they are available, you can find them all at With discounts ranging from a percent off your total Groupon purchase to free shipping on goods, find it all at

How do I use Groupon Travel?

Book any travel excursion available on Groupon with ease. The Groupon Travel experts handpick each of the vacations available online to ensure the best experience possible. And, if your plans change, cancel or change the date of your reservation with just one click – all on!

How does Groupon find their merchants?

Groupon finds their merchants by them applying to work with Groupon. The merchants post their own deals. Most of the products or services available on Groupon also offers a review section, so you know you’re getting the best deal at a great place.

How do I pay at Groupon?

Paying Groupon for goods and services you’d like to purchase is easy at Groupon. Everything is done at! Then you simply show your receipt wherever you purchased services, or simply wait for your goods to arrive right at your door.

How else can I save when using Groupon?

Saving is easy with Groupon. Skip the cost of shipping on all orders over $15, signing up for Groupon’s newsletter gives you 10% off your next purchase, or receive a full refund if your aren’t satisfied with your services purchased through Groupon!

Did You Know?

When Groupon was founded, it changed the game. The concept of a marketplace where local businesses could sell their experiences at a reduced price was great for both the customer, who got a great deal, and the merchant, who got more business and visibility. Over the years, that concept has allowed Groupon to grow and expand, and as its effect on the local market has become more apparent, it's been able to move into 15 countries and over 500 markets worldwide. In 2016, the billionth Groupon was sold, marking years of growth and impacting the local communities. It's the #1 retail app on both iOS and Android, and boasts over 170 million downloads, serving over a million merchants and 49.5 active customers. Shoppers have saved over $28 billion in North America alone, and Groupon has funneled over $18 billion into the local businesses that advertise on their platform. It's a massive service, and it's something that people around the world use every day.

Although you can shop from some larger chain companies on Groupon, the core focus is on small local businesses. One of the best features of Groupon is that you can get to know the businesses around you; many people don't know anything about the businesses in their area, but with Groupon, you have an incentive to frequent those businesses. In fact, 79% of Groupon customers say they would visit the merchant in question again, even without the savings they received from the Groupon. It's one of Groupon's core values, and it's something that both sides benefit from.

If you're using Groupon constantly, you might want to look into Groupon Select. It's $4.99 per month, but you get to save more money on every purchase you make. With 25% off local deals, 10% more off events and getaways, and free shipping on the Groupon marketplace, you'll be able to make up for that $4.99 very quickly. It's just another way that Groupon helps shoppers and merchants.

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Extra 20% Off Activities, Massages, Dining and More

Up to 80% Off Tech, Home, Apparel and More

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Up to 80% Off Home, Tech, Apparel and More