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Kmart - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kmart's best coupons?

Up to 75% Off Hot Deals - Get Deal

Up to 60% Off Clearance Items - Get Deal

Can I earn cash back on purchases made with Kmart coupons?

As a member of Shop Your Way, the free Kmart rewards program, you’ll get 1% Kmart cash back on all your purchases. That means you can apply your cash back to your next purchase, so you always get a better deal on your orders. There’s plenty of other benefits too, like free shipping, personalized Kmart coupons and much more that you can access with only a free account.

Does Kmart ever send out special Kmart coupons through text?

For even more savings, you can sign up for the Kmart SMS program. This program sends out special Kmart coupons through text, so you never miss a Kmart coupon, deal or sale. Although it’s still a good idea to check Savings.com before you make your purchase so you can be sure you’re getting the best Kmart coupons, this functions as a great reminder to buy the things you need at Kmart.

Is it possible to return products purchased using a Kmart coupon?

If you want to return something that you purchased with a Kmart coupon, you’re more than welcome to. The discount will factor into your refund; if you paid a discounted price for a product, your refund will reflect that discounted price. Discounted returns must follow all the same rules as non-discounted returns. You can find those rules on the website, so you know how your return will function.

Kmart Info & Tips

Where can I find Kmart Coupons?

Find all the best Kmart coupons with ease at Savings.com. Being able to get all the best coupons in one place will not only make your life easier, but it’ll also let you rest easy knowing you are finding all the best deals! Check out what coupons are available often at Savings.com, as the deals change regularly.

When are the best Kmart sales?

Kmart has the best sales during peak seasons, such as on days like Black Friday or the winter holidays. Check in during those times to save big on all your favorite electronics, clothing and accessories, and even bedroom furniture!

Does Kmart have a credit card?

Get a credit card for Kmart though Sears to get all the perks Sears offers, for Kmart! “Shop Your Way" members get 10% back on points whenever they purchase qualifying apparel, shoes and jewelry. Visit Kmart.com for more information and be sure to purchase responsibly.

How does Kmart layaway work?

Layaway allows you to buy everything you need and pay when you can. Simply visit Kmart.com and shop for everything you need online, make a down payment for your purchases, make payments every two weeks and then pick up your items. Shopping for the holidays has never been easier!

Are there any other ways I can save at Kmart?

Stack up on coupons with sale and clearance items to get even deeper savings when shopping at Kmart.com. Did you spend over $49? Then you just scored free shipping! Plus, when you sign up to “Shop Your Way," you’ll be able to get the best deals with their exclusive programs as well as earning 1% cash back on everything, or 10% cash back on select items. Happy shopping!

Headphones Have Come A Long Way

Most of us have our tunes with us wherever we go, and that means we usually have our headphones with us as well. Which kind do you prefer? We explore a few of the most popular styles, as they’ve come a long way since the days of the Sony Walkman. Some of today’s best-selling brands include Skullcandy, Moki, JVC and Sony.

On-ear and over-the-ear headphones rest on top of your ear using the classic headset construction we’re all familiar with. Available in a variety of designs and colors, you can find corded and wireless lightweight versions, as well as sturdier noise-cancelling models that cup the ear a little more snugly. Look for kids’ and adult headphones with features such as padded headbands, cushioned ear cups, volume controls on the earpiece, tangle free cords, as well as attached and inline microphones for taking phone calls.

Earbuds and in-ear headphones provide big sound while nestled just inside the ear canal, making them more discreet because there is no headband or ear cups. Usually made of silicone or other moldable materials, some come with earhooks for added stability. Look for features such as a microphone for speaking, and various cord lengths for your convenience.

Active people and athletes need the features that sports headphones provide, including over-the-ear hooks, in-line controls, a microphone, wireless technology for Bluetooth-enabled devices or tangle-free cords, and carrying cases for transport and storage. Most will have sweat proof or waterproof qualities, in addition to the superior sound. If you’d like to explore some of these newer designs yourself, or you are looking to replace your current earphones, save money by using a coupon code online at Kmart, Best Buy or Newegg. You’ll soon see how extensive the market on headphones has become, and how much variety there now is.

Outdoor Toys Are Fun for the Entire Family

One of the biggest advantages of outdoor toys is the obvious - they get your child active outside. With a range of equipment from sandboxes and water toys to outdoor playhouses and swingsets, there are fun choices for every age and every level of activity, making playtime family time.

Everyone in the family can enjoy backyard games like bean bag toss, horseshoes, volleyball or badminton. For older kids and the adults, remote-control cars and flying toys provide fun longer than their battery life. With an adjustable height hoop, younger kids can play a game of basketball or bounce around on a hopper. And for the daredevils with lots of energy, pogo sticks are a classic toy with more modern, sleeker designs than when we were children.

More relaxing outdoor toys include colored chalk sets for sidewalk drawing and hopscotch, kid-sized table and chairs, in addition to colorful play tents and playhouses in several styles from cottages and garden houses, to castles and teepees. Or, look for durable toys like bubble mowers, ring toss games, and slinkies for quiet play.

The ultimate in outdoor kids’ toys usually has wheels, like a bicycle, a scooter or skateboard. You can always find age-appropriate bikes including tricycles, bikes with removable training wheels, youth bikes in all sizes for boys and girls, and adult bicycles for men and women with adjustable gear shifters. Be sure to also get the safety gear, like helmets, whenever you buy a new bicycle. Brands like Huffy, Schwinn and Mongoose are still creating fun on two wheels for all generations.

To find quality outdoor toys at affordable prices for the whole family, use promo codes at places like Kmart, Target or Walmart when you place an online order. You can usually qualify for free shipping with a minimum purchase, so they make it very convenient for you to shop while you save money. When your order arrives at your doorstep, gather up the kids and head outside for some active fun everyone will enjoy.

Did You Know?

In all it's various iterations, Kmart has always been a place to go if you want to get a good deal. Though it's gone through some changes over the years, it's kept the focus on saving money without sacrificing quality. Kmart gives customers the best possible deal, but stocks plenty of the biggest brands, giving you the perfect place to go whether you're looking for a huge off-the-rack discount or a low-priced piece of branded apparel. Whether you've been shopping at Kmart since you were a kid or this is your first time discovering the brand, you can rest assured that you won't be disappointed.

There are plenty of ways to shop at Kmart, and not all of it is home décor and apparel. At Kmart, you can also buy fine jewelry, health and beauty items, electronics, and even groceries. Groceries can also be delivered, making it easier than ever to stock the things you need. If you're looking for a place to fill prescriptions, look no further than the Kmart pharmacy. It offers a number of services, including medication refills and immunizations, and has maintained a #1 satisfaction rating for two years in a row.

As a subsidiary of Sears, Kmart has enough connections to make sure that you get great prices and a great selection, and it's partnered with the Sears payment options to provide you with choices and rewards on every purchase. You can use your Sears credit card at Kmart to earn points that you can then redeem for rewards, and the Sears credit card comes with special financing offers for some of the biggest purchases you'll make, such as mattresses and fine jewelry. Even if you don't have a Sears credit card, you can finance large purchases easily by opting for Layaway. With Layaway, you create an order, and then sign up for a payment contract on that order. Pay for a piece of your order every two weeks over the next eight or 12 weeks, and when it's fully paid off, it'll be shipped to your door.

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