Our Company

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to help you save money everyday. Built on best-of-breed technology, we offer the best collection of coupons available online to help you find the best savings opportunities. At Savings.com, you are in control of a vast array of resources to help you find coupons and save money. From big-ticket items like desktop computers and jewelry to electronics, toys and gifts, we help you search for the best deals available on the products and services you want. It’s that simple.

Our History

Savings.com was founded in 2007. Designed out of frustration with the current state of shopping and discount retailers online, we have been determined from the outset to design and build a more comprehensive Internet destination where users like you can find and compare deals and offers in one simple, easy to use format. This is no small task, and we are refining and improving our approach everyday with the great feedback we get from our visitors. We know you don’t want to search across numerous websites to find the best coupons and deals for the products and services you want. We are working to solve your frustrations by combining the most popular categories and offers in one simple and easy to use location.