By James Moore

October 19, 2023

The Benefits of Spending Less

Making more money is an obvious way to generate wealth, but reducing your spending can be a great start, as well. Generating your own financial momentum is possible with surprisingly small changes like fewer vacations of clipping coupons. Fill out our calculator below to see the impact just a few dollars can make. Start your savings journey off with the best coupons from hundreds of top retail brands, and check out our Vice Savings Calculator to identify the best ways to cut back on your monthly expenses.

Some Extra Tips

Now that you’ve seen the impact a few changes can make, you’re ready to start building your nest egg! Take a look at these helpful tips to keep your savings going strong:

  • Speak with a financial advisor: Our financial calculators are a wonderful place to start, but it’s important to look to an expert before deciding on a holistic investment strategy. Consider Nolo or another financial service provider to find the best way forward for your family.
  • Create a budget: Keep the momentum building with a well-considered budget — a good plan is key to consistent savings. Whether you’re hunting down discounts on car maintenance or finding ways to save on food every month, there are tons of ways to keep costs low while maximizing your savings. Check out our Home Budget Analysis Calculator to set realistic goals for your family.