By James Moore

October 19, 2023 Vice Savings Calculator

Every budget’s got a little bit extra in it. Whether you enjoy regular nights out with friends or enjoy using your favorite food delivery service, scaling back a bit on a pet vice can clear the way for a surprising amount of savings each year.

Take a look at the calculator below to see just how much you can save by cutting back. Fill out the information below to chart your savings over time, and jump-start your savings with coupons from hundreds of retailers and top brands.

Next Steps To Help You Save

Now that you’ve seen how small changes to your spending can impact your savings over time, you’re ready to take some next steps. Keep reading to explore more money-saving ideas and helpful tips.

  • Set a goal. Cutting back is a great start, but creating a plan will help you direct those savings toward a healthy goal. Check out our Savings Goal Calculator for an easy way to allocate your savings, and review the impact of inflation on your future nest egg with our Inflation Calculator. We also have an emergency fund calculator to help you understand what savings goals should look like when something unexpected happens.
  • Speak to an expert. Consider whether a financial expert would be helpful in choosing an investment strategy. Expert advice isn’t necessary for every situation, but having a  good plan can serve as a strong foundation for future financial growth.
  • Clean up your budget. Most people are surprised to find out how they spend their money every month. Taking an inventory of your overall household expenditures can open up unexpected opportunities to trim unneeded expenses. Take a look at our Home Budget Analysis tool to get started.